“Founders from Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Zynga and PayPal, and executives and managers from companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco … in conversations with experts in yoga and mindfulness.”


“Wisdom 2.0 is a conference tackling one of the biggest challenges of today’s age. Connect through technology, but do so in a way that supports a person’s well-being, work effectiveness, and is ultimately useful to the world.”


“Where the technology and contemplative communities … hash out the best ways to incorporate these tools into our lives — and keep them from taking over.”


Featuring top managers and executives from the world’s largest tech companies


Head of Global Business Development, Google Maps


Vice President, LinkedIn, San Francisco


Learning and Development at Facebook, London

Jeanine Becker

Founder and CEO, Collaborative Leadership Consulting, San Francisco

Aziz Kaddan

Founder and CEO, MyndLift, Tel Aviv

Rabbi Doniel Katz

Founder of the Elevation Project, Jerusalem

Tristan Harris

Design Philosopher and Co-Founder of Time Well Spent, San Francisco


Founder of MadMimi and Angel Investor, Jerusalem

Shiri Aviel

Co-Founder of the Center of Mindful Leadership, Israel

Dr. Ricardo Tarrasch

Neuroscientist, Tel Aviv University. Tel Aviv

Alan Weinkranz

Israel Brand Ambassador, Rackspace. Tel Aviv

Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg

Founder and CEO, It’s All From Above LLC, Jerusalem

Stephen Fulder

Founder and Senior Teacher at Tovana (the Israel Insight Society), Israel

Zeev Ben-Asher

Co-Founder of The Center Of Mindful Leadership In Israel

Yosef Adest

Founder and CEO of 52Frames, Tel Aviv

Ari Zoldan

Ari Zoldan, Presidential Candidate 2016, #Innovation #Zoldan2016

Robert Lakin

Founder, Analytika Research. Former Emerging Markets Editor at Bloomberg Financial. Raanana

Dr. Liad Mudrik

School of Psychological Science and Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University

Shantam David Zohar

Co-Founder and Director, Mindfulness Based Therapy Program

Yoav Hoshen

Co-Founder, SVP Business Development and Board Member of Beyond Verbal Communication, Israel

Professor Ron Shachar

Former Dean of the Arison School of Business at Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv

Dr. Oded Arbel

Founder and Director,  Mindfulness Clinic at the Be’er Sheva Mental Health Center

Dr. Keren Arbel

Department of East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University

Professor Moshe Bar

Director of the Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center, Israel

Dr. Asaf
Federman (PhD)

Director of Training and Development at the Muda Institute for Mindfulness, Science and Society, The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya



Please note: Each ticket category is available as supplies last. Once one type runs out, the next pricing kicks in, even if this is before the end date listed. See cancellation policy below before purchasing. We hope to see you there!


Join us as we bridge Silicon Valley and the Startup Nation, introducing a bit of Middle Eastern flavor into the Global Mindfulness movement.

Wisdom 2.0 is the premier space of the global corporate mindfulness movement.  The main event in San Francisco draws CEOs and founders from LinkedIN, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Ford, Target, and General Mills together with mindfulness teachers and neuroscience researchers from across the world to discuss how to “Preserve Quality of Life in the Digital Age”.  After successful international events in Dublin and Singapore, we are excited to be hosting the next international Wisdom 2.0 here in Israel.

This inaugural event will feature innovators and thought leaders from Israel and abroad representing a range of disciplines including Technology, Business, Science and Wellness. With its booming start-up scene, prolific research institutions, and vibrant contemplative community, Israel is exceedingly ripe for a mindfulness movement to take off in the mainstream. And hey- call it a wild dream, but a bit of #MindfulMiddleEast couldn’t hurt either.

The conference will consist of several plenary sessions and breakouts. The four breakout tracks are science, technology, business, and wellness. There will also be various interactive components throughout the day including yoga, qi gong, meditation, art, and calligraphy. Lunch will be provided for all.


We are happy that you have taken interest in Wisdom @ Work and would like to take a moment and tell you about our team.  We are a dedicated group of entrepreneurs, academics, corporate professionals, and mindfulness practitioners that are dedicated to opening up the “wisdom movement” here in Israel.  Stay tuned for more events large and small in the coming months.  We welcome your input and collaboration, hope that we’ll be hearing from you soon.

Yaakov Lehman
Cynthia Ferman
Zur Genosar
Dana Zelicha
Dr. Ora Setter
Nathan Fisher
Danny Turetsky
Yoel Bender
Yarin Weltsman

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Wisdom 2.0 is the flagship organization of the global mindfulness movement.  The annual summit  in San Francisco draws CEOs and founders from LinkedIN, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Ford, Target, and General Mills together with mindfulness teachers and neuroscience researchers from across the world to discuss how to “Preserve Quality of Life in the Digital Age”.