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Being Mindful is About Minding The Store

By Alan Weinkrantz

Imagine yourself as a store.

You have stock on hand, inventory to manage, supplies to replenish, and in order to attract customers and win new and hopefully repeat business, you have to deliver quality service and value.

Now, think of your store as being you.

That’s right.

You as a store.

The inventory your “store” and all that goes with running and minding the store sits between your ears.

It’s in your head.  And beats from your heart.

It’s your attitude and the way you see and look at the world.

Being mindful – being aware – is a great place to start in minding the store.

Don’t rush to put things on sale.

In other words, don’t discount or diminish your value.

If you are feeling unsure or uneasy about a situation or circumstance, mind the store.

Stop for a moment.  Take a deep breath.  And take inventory.

Chances are you’re going to be ok.   And the situation you are dealing with is going to be ok as well.

Being mindful, and being aware is the best course of action to take in minding the store.

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