Dr. Oded Arbel, Founder and Director,  Mindfulness Clinic at the Be’er Sheva Mental Health Center. 

Dr. Oded Arbel founded and directs the Mindfulness Clinic at the Be’er Sheva Mental Health Center. In this capacity, he also runs meditation groups for patients and staff, as well as offering individual therapy for patients suffering from a variety of disorders. In addition, he started a three-year Buddhist psychotherapy program teaching and training therapists the principles of Buddhist psychology and mindfulness-based approaches. Dr. Arbel is a graduate from the Program for Therapists at Psychodharma, an organization set up by Professor Ya’akov Raz and Nachi Alon, to bring Buddhist philosophies to therapists and professionals. Today he is part of the teaching staff and co-ordinates the clinical aspects of the therapists’ student program.  Dr.Arbel is a consultant psychiatrist, graduate of Tel Aviv University Medical School and holds a black belt in karate.