Jeanine Becker, CEO/Founder Collaborative Leadership Consulting

Jeanine develops mission driven leaders who are passionate about making an impact. She coaches, consults, and speaks on collaborative leadership, empowering her clients to ignite their impact, align their teams and thrive. After 20+ years as a mission driven leader engaged in non-profit, government, social enterprise and corporate CSR/philanthropy; over a decade as a corporate attorney leading teams to close thousands of transactions on four continents for start ups to Fortune 100 companies; and almost a decade of teaching Negotiation and Collaboration at Stanford – Jeanine understands the joys, challenges and choices of being a mission driven leader and now supports mission driven leaders and their impact. Jeanine provides coaching and training to corporations and non-profits including the World Bank, Lean Startup Productions, Third Sector Capital Partners, Upstart Bay Area,, and Clean Tech Open. Jeanine is an international speaker and has presented at Wisdom 2.0, Wisdom 2.0 Business, Emerging Women, Leading Women in Tech, and the Global Innovation Summit and has provided Collaborative Leadership training to 350 leaders in Monrovia, Liberia and faculty at Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador. In 2016 Jeanine is launching a Leadership Mastery Salon for mission driven leaders who are ready to scale. The Salon will provide proven practices and a circle of trusted peers – a space for sharing uncensored experience and receiving expert support on leadership, inspiring team performance and developing the partnerships necessary for scale.